Corporate Branding Amplifies Your Business

What is basically a corporate branding?

A corporate branding is a process, which has to be done by every organization. Basically branding suggests your company name, logo to be your brand for your product or service. Basic branding starts with designing an effective logo, web address, visiting cards, letterheads and also if you can spend you can advertise in Television, Media and even organize events, become a sponsor to gain popularity to your brand.

Key elements of Branding

Branding is essential because it helps you achieve your company long-term goals, you sustain customers/clients, and you create more customers/clients. These are the essentials of basic branding in detail.

Your Company Logo:

Logo is the basic graphical representation of your companys image. A logo can explain about the kind of quality service, quality of the product, time delivery and you can communicate whatever you want your company to be placed in the minds of your prospective buyers/clients for that you need to specially dedicate time to research on your creative logo. An ideal corporate logo should be simple and it will be a great advantage if you can create a logo that reflects your quality of service/product, time, etc. Logo is vital because it will come along with all your business cards, letterheads, and print heads and wherever you advertise your business.

Previously before a decade website has not been that popular but nowadays it is a very essential element for corporate branding. A website is in fact your remote visiting card where anybody in any part of the world can access your company profile, services, contact address, phone number etc. A proper website should be aesthetic in color, must be simple and easy to navigate and should address all the important things in the home page and finally should be a search engine optimized website.

Business Cards

Business cards are the face of your company, which gives a snippet about your services, website address, contact numbers and address. These above things have to be put on a business visiting card.


Letterhead is used to send invoices to your customer/client, it has to be created professional with good aesthetic colors, you need to put your logo, Name of your company, address of your company, contact numbers and any slogan If necessary.

If a company follows the above essential elements branding would not be a big thing to gain. But remember as you use the slogan of your company you need to stick to those words written in the slogan. Best of luck

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Business Cards And Your Company Reputation

One of the first things you get when you meet a professional contact for the first time is a business card. A simple gesture to reach into the pocket, wallet or card case and to offer one is the very first impressions you or your business contact are likely to have of each other. In fact, this simple and effective card is one of the most important things you can ever collect.

Several professionals have enjoyed great success on the strength of the business cards in their rolodex. Super salesmen are so because they have the several dozen contacts with them. One could also go so far as to say that in the present world, they are like currency in their own right!

Don’t be fooled by their size either. After all, the old adage says that dynamite does come in small packages! Even though it is small, an average business card will contain the following information. The name, professional titles, company address and all relevant contact details of the individual in question will surely be included (this also includes e-mail ID). Additionally, some may include home contact details, details of the professional qualifications, and in some cases, personal messages.

Speaking of personal messages, business cards have of late become a sort of an advertising medium, although they are very below-the-line in the truest sense of the term. It all began when some smart marketer realized that since they are handed out to business contacts; why not use the chance to offer a compelling message?

And sales personnel started including their objectives and mottos on their cards, advertising professionals listed out the tag lines of their clients, independent professionals started listing out the names of their clients while egoistical people began outlining their personal accomplishments! Whatever be the case, this advertising medium soon became a medium in its own right.

And it is no longer a difficult thing to design your own variety. Most home software like Microsoft Office come with custom templates to design and print your own. If these are insufficient, the Internet has a wealth of free resources that you can download and use. Professional design software like Corel Draw and Pagemaker have many more options for unique business cards.

No longer do you have to be satisfied with single sided, plain ivory paper. You can opt for business cards shaped like place holders, four sided, color printed, laminated, and the new rage, business cards which look and feel like credit cards! If you can imagine it, the present day software can ensure that it is do. Your imagination is the only limitation!

There are also several Internet based service firms that will custom design your business cards, create a logo and printing options for you, and deliver to your address for a very nominal cost. Some of them even offer websites with the capability to design your own. But remember to design with care. After all, it is your personality it represents!

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Neglect Marketing A Business At Your Own Risk

Getting new clients and repeat business is definitely one of the very first things to do when starting off a new business. Most people have no problem acquiring the necessary skills to survive in the business they have chosen. When the clients are acquired, the business begins and the work continues until the money comes in. And the cycle continues till the business finds new clients or the clients themselves find new places to take care of their business needs.

However, many business people have made the mistake of neglecting this part of the business process. Very few, if at all, have ever concentrated on marketing a business.

Not many businessmen realize this, but marketing a business is probably one of the most important things they can do to grow their business. A lot of people see getting new clients as marketing a business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Getting new clients is one of the aspects of marketing a business. But marketing a business involves a whole lot more than merely getting hold of clients. Branding is a part of marketing a business. Sales too are part of it. Why, even something as backend oriented as accounting and book keeping is also an integral part of marketing a business.

In fact, marketing a business is all about creating a brand for the business. And branding is serious business. Once a business, any business has a brand, it will begin to gather a reputation. And once it manages to gather a sufficiently large reputation, then clients will flock to it. So why waste time trying to get the clients to come to you when you can play all your cards right, concentrate on your core competency and the clients in turn come to you!

But before one presumes or assumes that marketing is easy work, one must realize that nothing again could be further from the truth. Not only is any marketing serious and a back breaking work; this is especially so in the case of any business. Marketing a business is no easy task. It takes years of assiduous application, a whole lot of patience and constant, consistent and dedicated skill before one can even begin to build a reputation. And the troubles don’t end when a reputation has been built. It needs to be sustained. Only then can anyone reap the benefits.

So the next time you entertain the thought of starting your own business, seriously draw up a plan for marketing. I assure you, you will need to think through this important process.

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Branding Businesses For Unique Exposure

Anyone who doubts the power of brands is missing out on a great opportunity. In an era when differentiation is crucial and raising prices is all but out of the question, one solution is branding – using and promoting high-profile consumer brands on the tabletop and on the menu (often referred to as brand-listing).

Branding provides a “halo of quality” that customers can easily recognize and measure, enhancing value and, in many cases, allowing the operator to charge more for an item because it has a premium perception. In situations where discounting has become a competitive necessity, branded products can help stabilize margins and counter a “fire-sale” image. In addition, branding helps build solid relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, who are eager to encourage and reward the promotion of their marques with rebates, volume discounts, marketing allowances, and other forms of support.

“Branding represents a major window of opportunity and the most significant trend in menu development through the year 2000,” asserts Bill Main, an owner of the Shore Bird restaurant in Princeton-by-the-Sea, Calif., and a consultant specializing in menus. “Operators dealing with day-to-day price and cost concerns are looking to add items that give value, and name brands make an immediate association with the consumer. They give consumers an additional reason to choose your restaurant.”

The concept of brand-listing has been around since at least the 1970s, when operators began promoting beverages like Coke and Pepsi and Budweiser on their menus, and adorning tabletops with name-brand condiments such as Heinz ketchup, Grey Poupon mustard, and Sweet’N Low.

Today brands are a fact of consumer life. While no figures exist for the foodservice industry, Washington, D.C.-based Grocery Manufacturers of America reports that 81 of the top 100 best-selling items in the supermarket are national brands, functioning as the store’s primary traffic builders, and that more than 70 percent of consumers tend to stick with a brand once they’ve found one they like. In short, consumers want brands.

In foodservice, the results speak for themselves. Manufacturers say that brand promotion typically results in sales spikes of from 10 percent to 400 percent, depending on the promotion; something as simple as displaying a table tent featuring a brand can increase item traffic by as much as one third.

Operators, for their part, attest that using brands and naming names can enable them to increase prices on those menu offerings anywhere from 25|cents to 50|cents to $1 or more, depending on whether the branded product is an ingredient or a key item. Perhaps more importantly, branding enhances the operation’s image and perceived value.

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Web Branding: Nobody’s Perfect And That’s Good

Web branding is antithetical to the notion of perfection. Sometimes the best web branding advice is to let your humanity leak onto the web page. Life’s messy and perfection is not a trait known to mankind.

If you make a mistake admit it, laugh about it, make fun of it, allow others to comment on it in the process you will find prospects looking at your website or blog with an appreciation for the voice of common humanity.

So many businesses rely on a level of perfection they can never attain and hope to sell the idea of a perfect company to prospects. If that’s what you’re doing you have a commodity nobody is buying.

Web branding is about being creative, inventive and sometimes taking your prospect off guard. If you can work on these elements you may find that your website is connecting with customers in a brave new way.

Google provides an example of this approach that has spread to other parts of the web. They have taken their logo and revamped it for almost every holiday and special event. Sometimes it’s fun just to go to their site to see how their logo has changed since the last visit. It’s a bit like the window dressings of yesteryear when your favorite store would redress their windows on a regular basis to provide a sense of newness to their store.

Many websites will try to appeal to all demographics, but the truth is by selecting a demographic your wish to market to and then allowing web branding to help cast your business as an authority in this demographic you may find your approach is a turn off to some in a demographic that is either older or younger than your chosen target.

When you land on a demographic to serve you will find more freedom to create web branding ideas that are innovative and entertaining to that demographic.

Can you provide some freebies?

If so, you have another means of branding your website. By attacking the web branding issue from multiple fronts you stand a better chance of keeping prospects coming back sometimes just to see what you’re doing next.

You’re freebie could be a software download, a computer wallpaper selection, knowledge-based ebooks or downloadable games.

By viewing your website as a sieve you may catch the idea that you always need to be looking for ways to fill it back up, your site visitors will love you for it and will likely come back again intentionally.

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